inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Revision

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Effective December 16, 2018, InFamous: Second Son’s Paper Trail DLC has been revised.  The website will no longer be needed to complete the in-game DLC Campaign. Of course, Delsin will still be able to complete the mysterious case of a paper-manipulating conduit! With this revision, players can complete the Paper Trail experience entirely within the PS4 game itself, perhaps with one big hint…. Here’s that tip!

HINT: During part of Delsin’s detective work, he will need to track down various locations throughout Seattle to find his next clue. During part 4 of the 6 part Paper Trail experience, when prompted to search for your next clue using the picture found online, head down to the Seattle Fish Market using this image as a reference. You’ll be cracking the case in no time!


Additional Tips

Returning Evidence: Don’t forget, whenever you finish a mission – return to a mailbox to send off your evidence when prompted! You will receive bonus karma points and unlock the next mission!

Mission Star: Confused on where to find the next mission? If you haven’t completed the main campaign, consider beating the next few story missions to unlock new Paper Trail missions.

Map Icons: Still unable to find the map icon for your next Paper Trail mission? Don’t forget to clear any DUP jammers in the area to open up new missions and map icons across Seattle!